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Personal Music

Yup, I'm a musician.  My father starting teaching me piano in third grade, and clarinet starting in fourth.  At some point I started picking up guitar and bass, and I've been playing in bands since college.  These days I'm playing bass in a cover band tastefully labeled "Duck & Cover".  I've been uploading my personal musical doodles to sound cloud under the pseudonym, "otto_von_bismarck".


I've been going down the rabbit hole of bringing ever more complex gear to performances, which has recently expanded to doing live visuals using Touch Designer and midi controllers.  Two shows I'm happy were recorded included using a custom Audulus patch for sequenced pitch shifting on our cover of Muse's Map of the Problematique, and midi-controller only performance driving Touch Designer visuals at Pixar's 2017 Demo Scene contest.


I'm honored to have played bass in the Bay Area rock band Halcrow and played with the three Hollidays: Taylor, Wes, and Ally.  While life changes has put this project on hold, here's a recording from one of our practices I think gives a feel for the band.

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