• Software: Maya, Houdini, RenderMan,  Slim, Massive, Katana, Touch Designer, Nuke, Logic, Unity


  • Programming: C/C++/C#, Python, Lua,  Perl, TCL, MEL, RSL, VEX, GLSL, Cg, OpenGL, Matlab



Industry Talks & Courses






  • Paul Kanyuk and Laurence Emms. 2012. Taming Render Times at Pixar: CPU & GPU, Brave and Beyond. In ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012 Course (CA '12).




  • Paul Kanyuk. 2011. Procedural shading in RenderMan and Beyond. In ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 Courses (SA '11).




  • Paul Kanyuk and Chris Lawrence. 2008. Brain springs: fast physics for large crowds on WALL·E. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 talks (SIGGRAPH '08).

  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

  • Member of VES, ASIFA, and SIGGRAPH

  • Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society



B.S.E in Digital Media Design with minors in Fine Arts and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science (2001 to 2005).  Cumulative GPA: 3.92 / 4.0.





  • Crowds Supervisor, for PIXAR Animation Studios                                                            

    • Onward (2018 to current)  Crowds Supervisor, expanding the reach of virtual production for crowds.                                                                     

    • Incredibles 2 (2017 to 2018)  Crowds Supervisor, integrating motion capture to production process.                                                     

    • Finding Dory (2014 to 2016)  Crowds Supervisor, leading a team and integrating houdini for crowds.                                                     

    • Brave (2009-2012) Crowds Lead, developed a new crowd pipeline and lead a team of TDs


  • CG Instructor, for The Academy of Art University and freelance                                                                                       

    • RenderMan (2006 to 2015) Teaching shading, lighting, rendering pipeline & optimization.                                                           

    • Massive Crowd VFX (2008 to 2014) Teaching procedural animation and crowds pipeline.                                                        

    • Guest Lectures (2008 to current) at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, University of California at Berkeley, University of Michigan, Bangkok University,  NTDF, and  Hyper Island


  • Software Engineer, for PIXAR Animation Studios           

    • Walt Disney Animation Studios (2018) Resource for USD and Presto Integration.          

    • Disney Research Collaboration (2016)  Exploration of applications in Machine Learning to simulation and crowds.                     

    • Monsters University / The Good Dinosaur (2012-2013) Rendering research on Level of Detail.


  • Technical Director, for PIXAR Animation Studios                                      

    • Cars 2 / Toons (2009-2010) Developed the “shrinkwrapping” pipeline for fast car rendering                                                                                               

    • Up (2008-2009) Crowd Simulation, brain design in Massive for canine agents, shotwork                                                             

    • Wall-E (2007-2008) Crowd Simulation, developed fast physics tools for crowds, shotwork                                                                                                    

    • Ratatouille (2006-2007) Crowd Simulation, used Massive to animate swarming rats                                               

    • Cars (2005-2006) Render Optimization, created& deployed an ID buffer based pruning tool


  • Technical Director Intern, for PIXAR Animation Studios                                                                                                          

    • Cars (2004-2005) Set Shading and Pipeline, shaded props & created shader templates & UI


  • Graphics Programmer, for the Brainard Psychophysics Laboratory                                                             

    • (2002 -2004) Programming color experiments in C, RenderMan, Radiance, and Matlab.                                           

  • Teaching Assistant, for the Computer Science Department of the University of Pennsylvania                                                                     

    • GPGPU Programing (2005 Fall), taught real time shading assisted in GPGPU instruction                                                                       

    • Virtual World Design (2004 Spring), taught game programming in shockwave 3D.


Patents & Papers




  • Xiao, B., Kanyuk, P. J., & Brainard, D. H. (2005). Color appearance and the material properties of three-dimensional objects. Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, Sarasota, FL, 782a,, doi:10.1167/5.8.782.